Hi everyone! 

My name is Billy and although I was born in Alberta (don’t hold it against me) I became a Midwife in Australia. I completed my midwifery training and grad year in remote Alice Springs in Central Australia, before moving south to Geelong and working at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, and then finally at the University Hospital Geelong. While in Geelong I worked in MGP (Midwifery Group Practice) the Continuity of Care program at Geelong Hospital. I loved working in this model of care, as it enabled me to build a trusting relationship with the women and families I cared for, which is such an important part of midwifery care. During my 7-year midwifery career, I have worked in a variety of hospital-based settings and have provided care to women throughout their pregnancy, birth and in the postpartum. But, my goal was always to return home to be closer to my family here in Canada. 

I am very happy to have completed my Midwifery Bridging Program at UBC a few months ago. I chose to do my practicum here in PG with Sarah and Rachel at West Hill Midwifery. I had such a great time that I decided to join them! I am looking forward to becoming a part of the wonderful community here in PG and starting a new chapter in my midwifery career. 

Cheers Billy